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Northglenn 48th Championship Tournament

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

48th Northglenn Judo Championship 2016

The PDF file in the Google Drive link below contains the entry package for the 48th Northglenn Judo Championship, scheduled to take place on September 17, 2016 at the Northglenn Recreation Center.

48th Northglenn Judo Championship 2016
September 16, 2016
Northglenn Rec Center

Entry Form HERE

Athletes can also register online at

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Congratulations to Kayla Harrison and Travis Stevens!

Congratulations to Travis Stevens and Kayla Harrison for medaling at the Rio 2016 Olympics!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Doc's Novice Tournament August 6th 2016

Northglenn Judo Club Hosts
Doc’s 2016 Novice Tournament

Saturday, August 6th

TOURNAMENT LOCATION: Northglenn Recreation Center

ELIGIBILITY: Male and Female athletes born in 2002-2010, inclusively

White and Yellow Belts ONLY.

Entry Form HERE

Letter from CJL President July 2016

Hi everyone,
The entry form for Doc's Novice Tournament is attached to this email.  The event will occur on August 6th at the Northglenn Recreation Center.

I am looking to start a monthly open workout with various host clubs throughout the state of Colorado.  We did this in Missouri and it was a huge success bringing the state together.  My thoughts are we host a Saturday workout 10am – noon.  $10 entry fee.  $5 goes to the CJL, $5 goes to the host club.  We have time for instruction and randori; the host club runs the practice.  After the workout ends, if so desired, we can all grab lunch together somewhere close by, enjoy food and a drink, and tell tall tales of the good old days.
This will not replace the open workouts hosted by Northglenn on the first Tuesday of every month at the Northglenn Community Center at 6:30pm.  These are great workouts and I highly encourage you to attend.  I was always nervous that I couldn’t make it on time because of getting off work late and battling traffic but they set my mind at ease and are happy to see you on the mat whenever you can get there.  With that said, it’s still better to be on time, but sometimes adulthood makes that difficult.
For the Saturday workouts, these are the dates I was thinking and I need volunteer host clubs.  And if there is a tournament or other scheduling conflict that I am not aware of, will you let me know? 
July 30
August 27
September 24
October 29
November 12 or 26 (I know the 26th is Thanksgiving weekend but sometimes you just want to get away and throw someone).  The host club for November can choose the date.
December 10 or 17 (host club picks the date)
If your club would like to volunteer to host an open workout on one of the dates above, please call, text, email, or facebook message me.  When I have the dates and locations filled in I will send out another email.   Tracy Crawford-Hangley – Cell: 314/960-4228 –
As for other dates to put into your planner, these are the ones I know:
July 22-24 - Joshi Judo Camp – Littleton, CO
August 6 - Doc's Novice Tournament - Northglenn, CO
August 13 – WY State Games – Casper, WY
September 17 – Northglenn Championship – Northglenn, CO
October 16 – Irwin Cohen Memorial Tournament – Chicago, IL (points tournament & referee evaluation site)
October TBD – Denver Buddhist Temple tournament
November 5 – Denver Judo Fall Tournament – Denver, CO (there will be a kata tournament taking place before the shiai)
November 5 – CJL Meeting during the break between juniors and seniors
November 19 – Dallas Invitational – Dallas, TX (prize $ for senior elite divisions, referee testing and evaluation site)
November 20 – President’s Cup – Dallas, TX – (points tournament and referee evaluation site)
November 18 -21 – IJF Veterans Tournament – Ft. Lauderdale, FL - if any veterans player (over 30 years old) is planning on going down to this tournament, there is a group of us renting houses with fellow judoka from St. Louis, Chicago, and Memphis. Let me know if you are interested in joining us.  It will be a good time.
November 22-23 – IJF Veterans Training Camp – Ft. Lauderdale, FL– Train with a legend!  The great Yamashita is running this camp.
January or February TBD – Boulder Tournament
Remember to check CJL's website for current updates

Last thing – we have a new Colorado Judo League facebook page to go with our CJL facebook group. I would love any content or events that you would like to add.  We have so many amazing judoka in Colorado I would really like to share your badassness.  I don’t know if you can add pictures and posts yourself or if Marcos or I have to add it, but either way, we’d love to show you off.
See you on the mat,
Tracy Crawford-Hangley
CJL President
Cell: 314/960-4228

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Joshi (Women's) Judo Camp - Colorado Center for the Blind July 22 - 24

Flyer HERE

Attached is the flyer for the Joshi Judo camp that will be held at the Colorado Center for the Blind on July 22-24.  We have women from all over the country flying in for the event.  For 3 days of camp, the preregistration fee is $200 if mailed in by June 30.  Like I was telling you at the CJL meeting this weekend, if you have any female athletes who would like to come but cannot afford the fee, we have scholarships where they can help work the event in lieu of payment.  Either the sensei or the student can call or email me to get this set up.

My sister took me to my first Joshi Judo Camp when I was a teenager and it changed my life forever.  That is why when I moved to Denver, I asked my sensei, Eiko Shepherd, if we could host it here since sensei-Fukuda's passing, this event moves about to give this opportunity to women in other parts of the country. Please have your athletes reach out if they would like to attend but need assistance. This is not something they would want to miss and is something they will never forget.

Tracy Crawford-Hangley
Cell: 314/960-4228

Flyer HERE

CJL Election of New Officers 2016

On June 5th, the Board of Directors elected new officers for a two year term.

President:                           Tracy Crawford-Hangley
Vice-President:                 Marcos Batan
Secretary:                           Mathew Knipple
Treasurer:                           Brian Levitt
Members-at-Large          George Barisas
                                                Jody Sanchez
                                                Grace Jividen/Tommy Thompson

As the outgoing president, I wish the very best to the new Executive Committee and well as thank the outgoing committee for all of their hard work.  I believe that much has been accomplished in the past two years as evidenced by the items that are listed below.  I ask that all of the CJL clubs get involved to make Judo in Colorado the best.

Best regards,


  • Updated the Colorado Judo League Website
  • Established a PayPal account for all Judo Clubs to use
  • Registered with Google and established a Google Grants status
  • Re-established a CJL Coaches Clinic
  • Replaced manual scoring equipment with new computers and monitors
  • 2015/2016 Colorado State Judo Championships
  • Visited several Judo clubs seeking advice on future goals for CJL
  • Maintained the Treasurers position with the departure of Steve Shigaya to Seattle, Washington
  • Procured new CJL referee polo shirts
  • Procured referee electronic radios and headsets
  • Procured webcams to record or stream future events
  • Established an electronic archive of CJL promotion history
  • Established an electronic archive of CJL treasurers account history
  • Drafted an updated proposed CJL By-Laws
  • Revised the method for clubs to obtain tournament sanctions
  • CJL sponsored the Travis Stevens clinic


  • Re-establish a CJL Promotion Board
  • Work on webcams for future recording/transmission of Judo tournaments
  • Establish better relationships between Judo clubs
  • Develop Google Grants to the extent that there is a regular revenue stream that can be used to support worthy CJL athletes travel, room and board expenses to major tournaments.  [My Dream—Develop a facility that houses “Colorado Judo” so every club may host tournaments conduct joint workouts to benefit Judo in Colorado]