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The entry package for the Albert Tagawa Memorial Shiai is available on the event schedule.

The entry package for the Denver Classic is available on the event schedule.

The deadline for submitting applications for promotion has been extended to August 23rd. The promotion test will be held September 27th.

The 46th Annual Northglenn Judo Championship will be held at the Northglenn Recreation Center on September 20, 2014. An entry package will be available soon.

The next CJL Black Belt Promotional will be held at the NorthglennRecreation Center located at 11801 Community Center Drive in Northglenn on September 27, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. in the West Handball Court. Please submit applications before August 23, 2014. Application forms and additional instructions are available on the Promotions page under the Awards tab.

Heidi Moore has requested assistance in conducting the IBSA World Judo Championships to be held September 1-7 in Colorado Srings. Please contact Heidi Moore or register at here

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Event Schedule updated August 21, 2014


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Upcoming Events in 2014

September 20: 46th Annual Northglenn Championship
September 27: CJL Black Belt promotion Testing
October 11: Albert Tagawa Memorial Shiai
November 1: Denver Classic

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Results Info

2012 Brian Olson Winter Classic
17th Annual Albert Tagawa Memorial Shiai
44th Annual North Glenn Judo Championship
2012 Hyland Hills Throwdown

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Promotion Info

Next Black belt promotion testing will take place: September 27th (previously this was incorrectly listed as Sept 9th)

Refer to the Promotions page under the Awards tab for details.
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