Belt Rank Promotions

Details for the next promotion event:

Paperwork due by Nov 3rd

The Colorado Judo League will host examinations for Dan promotions. See the details below:

Date: Dec 3 2023
Time: 10am
Location: Denver Judo

Application Procedure:

  1. Complete payment of the $40 testing fee using the link
  2. Download and complete the CJL Dan Promotion Fillable Application Form and Checklist. (instructions below)
  3. Complete applications must be submitted by the application due date or they will not be considered for testing this cycle.
  4. Read entire CJL Dan Promotion Procedures " in order to understand CJL requirements for promotion.
  5. Read the entire USA Judo Promotion Recommendation Procedures and the USA Judo Individual Recommendation for Promotion form found here:
  6. Gather your application, checklist, reference letters, certificates, video files, judo resume, and etc. and email your application package to:



Black Belt Promotion Board:

  •  Marcos Batan 
  • Grace  Jividen Truesdale
  •  Dennis Mercer 
  •  Keith Lewis 
  •  Tracy Crawford 

Kata Board: 

  • George Barisas 
  •  Charles Gavin
  • Jayson Oldfather 
Mail applications to:
11896 Wyandot Circle; Westminster, CO 80234


Rank Promotions in Colorado Judo League (2013)

Rank Promotions in Colorado Judo League (2008-2012)

Rank Promotions in Colorado Judo League (2006-2007)

In April, 2009, USA Judo revised its promotion guidelines. These new guidelines can be found here (PDF file)