Belt Rank Promotion

The Next Black Belt Promotion Test:


Refer to the links below for the application procedure, location address, and forms.

Chair Promotion Board - To Be Announced.

Senseis Grace Jividen (Gracie Judo) and Dennis Mercer (Hyland Hills Judo) should be contacted with any questions, Find their contact information on the CJL Club page

Mail applications to:
11896 Wyandot Circle; Westminster, CO 80234


Rank Promotions in Colorado Judo League (2013)

Rank Promotions in Colorado Judo League (2008-2012)

Rank Promotions in Colorado Judo League (2006-2007)

In April, 2009, USA Judo revised its promotion guidelines. These new guidelines can be found here (PDF file)

Application Procedure

Applicants must send the following items by the published deadline:

1.      Completed Recommendation for Promotion Forms, signed by the recommending instructor.
The Recommendation Forms include: shiai contest results since the applicant's last promotion, special awards and/or recent Judo contributions, recommending Instructor's information about applicant including applicant's contributions to Judo, USA Judo Application for Promotion Form.
2.      Proof of previous rank.
3.      $20 testing fee made payable to Colorado Judo League

All applicants must have a current USA Judo membership prior to testing. An applicant will not be allowed to test without current USA Judo membership.

Applications will be reviewed and applicant will be notified as soon as possible if the materials are in order.

Written Test Revised June 2013

Recommendation for Promotion Forms. (PDF Format) These forms must be submitted in advance by the student and signed by his/her coach.

Colorado Judo League Promotion Procedures and Testing Requirements (PDF Format) This document incorporates the USA Judo time-in grade and minimum age requirements, method for obtaining promotion points, and fees for the various belt ranks. In addition, it explains Colorado Judo League's testing procedures, deadlines for applications, and the written test that must be taken by all applicants (test revised June, 2013).