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Executive & Standing Committees

The CJL Executive Committee is composed of the Officers and Delegates at Large. The Executive Committee is elected by the Board of Directors every two years.

  • President – Heidi Moore
  • Vice President – Max Arizas
  • Treasurer – Nikki Jones
  • Secretary – Betty Jadambaa
  • Delegate at Large – Martin Vorum
  • Delegate at Large – Dennis Mercer
    Committees (and if you would like to join committee, let Heidi know!):
    Referee: Monty Mani / Marcos Batan / Alyssa Zawack
    Coaching: Dennis Mercer / Warren Agena / Jean Luc Moreau / Tracy Crawford
    Black Belt Promotion Board: Marcos Batan / Grace  Jividen Truesdale / Dennis Mercer / Keith Lewis / Tracy Crawford
    Athlete Development (New!): Tracy Crawford / Heidi Moore / Nikki Jones / Kedge Zawack / Keith Lewis / Scott Moore
    Kata (New!): George Barisas / Charles Gavin / Jayson Oldfather

Please contact President Heidi Moore for more information
Heidi Moore
(303) 591-9563