Results: 2016 Denver Classic

The PDF-format file in the link below contains the results of the 2016 Denver Classic.
The Denver Classic Judo Championship was held November 5, 2016 at Johnson and Wales University in Denver, CO. There were 203 entries from Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, Michigan, and Minnesota. The winners of the men’s open division was Ajax Tadehara from the Olympic Training Center. The runner up was Kedge Zawack of Denver Judo. The winner of the women’s open division was Katie Sell, also of the Olympic Training Center and the runner up was Alyssa Zawack of Denver Judo. The Open Champions each received $250.00 and a championship belt.

We were also pleased to host a kata competition. There were demonstrations of 5 katas, judged by senseis Barry Hoffman and Hideki Hayashi.

The overall team award was won by Denver Judo, followed by the Olympic Training Center and Hyland Hills Judo.

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