Introducing Your NEW Colorado Judo League Board of Directors!

The time has come and I am so excited to introduce you to the 2020 Colorado Judo League Board of Directors!  
  • President – Tracy Crawford
  • Vice President – Marcos Batan
  • Treasurer – Nikki Jones
  • Secretary – Betty Jadambaa
  • Delegate at Large – Grace Jividen Truesdale
  • Delegate at Large – Tommy Thompson
  • Delegate at Large – George Barisas
  • President – Heidi Moore
  • Vice President – Max Arizas
  • Treasurer – Nikki Jones (re-elected for a second term!)
  • Secretary – Betty Jadambaa (re-elected for a second term!)
  • Delegate at Large – Martin Vorum
  • Delegate at Large – Dennis Mercer
Committees (and if you would like to join committee, let Heidi know!):
Referee: Monty Mani / Marcos Batan / Alyssa Zawack
Coaching: Dennis Mercer / Warren Agena / Jean Luc Moreau / Tracy Crawford
Black Belt Promotion Board: Marcos Batan / Grace  Jividen Truesdale / Dennis Mercer / Keith Lewis / Tracy Crawford
Athlete Development (New!): Tracy Crawford / Heidi Moore / Nikki Jones / Kedge Zawack / Keith Lewis / Scott Moore
Kata (New!): George Barisas / Charles Gavin / Jayson Oldfather

The Great Colorado Judo League – In the past 4 years, we… 
  1. Reinstated the Colorado Judo League Black Belt Promotion Board which has standardized the knowledge for our black belts in Colorado
  2. Competed and won the novice division in Dragon Boat Racing!  Why this comes up #2 thought in my mind…
  3. So many open workouts that traveled from club to club
  4. I feel like I can walk into any of your dojos and be welcomed as one of your own.
  5. Brought Keiko Fukuda’s Joshi Judo Camp to Colorado and will do so again the summer of 2021
  6. Hosted the Youth Nationals in Colorado Springs, CO and shared our beautiful state with hundreds of coaches, athletes, and referees.
  7. We have watched our favorite coaches Scott & Heidi Moore and Eddie Liddie on Ippon.tv as they coached countless international tournaments.
  8. We watched frantically as Coloradan D’Artanyan Crocket and Californian Christella Garcia fought and won bronze in the 2016 Paralympics.  Colorado hosts two more 2020/now 2021 Paralympic hopefuls Ben Goodrich and Robert Tanaka. 
  9. Thanks to Marcos and the entire Batan family, Max Ariza and the JWU crew, the Colorado State Tournament has become the tournament of the year not only in our state but our region!  This is also CJL’s biggest and most successful fund raiser of the year.
  10. We were there when Northglenn Judo Club celebrated their 50th Annual Judo Tournament.
  11. When rules changed after the 2016 Olympics, Colorado A-level referee Edson Mallo was chosen to go Baku, Azerbaijan to learn and when he came back he shared the new rules with CO & WY coaches and referees.
  12. Funded 2020 (2021) Olympic hopefuls with clinics and donations for Nick Delpopolo and Alaa El Idrissi.  Our judoka have been so generous.
  13. Learned from and were amazed by Judo greats Marti Malloy, Jimmy Pedro, and Lkhamdegd Purevjargal.  Dakota never missed a single session of any clinic CJL hosted.
  14. Held grueling tournament preparation judo camps that you were proud to survive and that made the tournament seem like an easy practice.  And if you attended every camp workout you were a true rock star like Julia Catalini, Garmaa Shinebauer, and I’ll include Jayson Oldfather even though he ran the camps, he also participated in all the exercises and randori.
  15. Held annual Coaching Certification clinics where we shared valuable skills from each other and other Coach masterminds from outside Colorado.  Dennis Mercer, Warren Agena, and Jean Luc Moreau put on a coaching clinic that is by far the best that I’ve ever attended.
  16. Became Social!  Facebook, Instagram, …and stuff
  17. We have 3! IJF Level 2 Certified Instructors – Grace Jividen Truesdale, Jayson Oldfather, and Tracy Crawford
  18. Have been profitable every year! (…until 2020)
  19. Which brings me to provided funding to our dojos in this COVID-19 pandemic time of need
  20. Moved into the decade and bought a Care System!  Thanks Marcos and Max!
  21. Created a budding Junior Referee program and are starting to train the next generation.  Ian L. was our first.
  22. Continue to bring in the New Year with DBT and Kan Geiko training
  23. This wasn’t our doing, but it has been fantastic to benefit from and support the Senior and Veterans World Training Camps at the Olympic Training Center
  24. We are one of the three most popular Zoom workouts during this pandemic (in my mind at least).  (We are trailing behind Jimmy Pedro and Nick Delpopolo)
  25. Most importantly we have grown and supported each other as one big family.

It has been a fun 4 years and I am so excited to see what the future brings.  Congrats again to our new Board!